The Wall Competition

A design competition for “A National Landmark of Hope” and “to remind generations of God’s goodness”. The brief was for a project to be made of a million bricks with each one representing an answered prayer.
We responded with “A wall floating in the sky”, like the castle in the painting of “Saint Francis and the Poor Knight and Francis’s Vision” by Sassetta. It will be seen from afar to surprise, amaze, excite and awaken one to think and explore. A solid band of brick lifted off the ground and like a strong medieval town wall, creating a protected space. But now a space between earth and heaven, a place for reflection and contemplation, a space for meeting and discussion.
Coloured bricks threaded on tensioned cables, like the beads on a rosary, inspire as well as allowing one to reflect. Each one representing a prayer from the past, the now and the future. With our proposal we wanted to stimulate feelings and thoughts about prayer in many different and unexpected ways.
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